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Advantages of lighting At Night for the pullet layer birds

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Advantages of lighting for the pullet layer birds

There are some advantages of lighting at night period for pullet layer birds are seen in the field. The advantages of lighting can foresee in many ways. this article will discuss the following advantages for the layer birds. There some benefits are:


bloody stools at layer chicken at 65 days.

Since laying chicken especially pullet stages are feeding within 24 hours of time. there are nine species of coccidial parasites that affect birds causing coccidiosis in poultry.

it never got a chance to catch up coccidiosis if the proper coccidiostat programs strictly followed according to season and giving light at night.

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Pullet disease

It is not a common disease but the most devastating due to etiology of this is totally unknown. but several factors, nutritional deficiency through feed fundamental cause also.

If the bird’s deficient feed is exceeded the normal starvation time, there are much possible to attach this disease, and mortality ranging from 50-80%. (Ref Poultry diseases, Diagnosis, and treatment, 4 the edition, (p-212). Therefore, giving light which induces more feed intake and prevents from pullet disease.

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Haemorrhagic Proliferative Proventriculutis

It is commonly found in age between 2- 10 weeks. Despite some infectious agents, aesthetically disease links to nutrition causes.

If the laying hen became off feed, the chicken will be caught up with this disease. Common clinical signs are birds are dying off day by day & intake low amount of feed due to HPP. Nevertheless, lighting at night is essential to prevent the disease.

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Gizzard Erosion

Gizzard Erosion in laying chicken

Gizzerosine is a component produced in the fish meal because of exposure to heat during piling up or transportation, especially in summer. Common clinical signs are birds are getting down, and look paralyzed due to insufficient energy store in the body leading by low feed intake.

Despite this, when farmers provide mash feed to pullet hen, pullet chicken catch up this compound, thus stimulate increase acid secretions, by which gizzard erosion occurred. If we want to avoid it, giving light at night much more beneficial at this stage.

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Chicken Infectious Anemia

It is the most common problem in the south Asian country especially India, where this disease consequently, occurred at the pullet stage due to the imbalance of traditional supplying feed.

I t also consider mostly devastating disease for pullet laying chicken due to higher mortality, failure to produce egg at 18 weeks, can not reach Asian production, etc.

But the disease Fully avoidable if the technique followed along with the properly balanced feed and giving light at night.

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According to field surveillance, there is about 95-98% uniformity is seen all over the flock after performing this idea. All birds reach peak production within 24 weeks of age due to uniformity. some farmers are struggling with Emeria acervulina infection due to light off during night due to off feed leading to Emeria infection in the field.

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Optimum Growth

Although optimum weight gained depends on the balanced feed, but lighting plays a crucial role in achieving proper growth in the day to egg production.

In growing a stage, if the birds getting off feed at night, undoubtedly hammering cell growth in every component of the body in an open house system.

Some poultry specialist believes that dark should be needed for the growth of bone, feathers development, and another vital organ also.

But, it true, where laying chicken is given balanced feed means proper incorporate with crude protein & energy.

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but in case some countries feed adulterated are a common phenomenon, this is not applicable also. That’s why, if avoid this problem, lighting is the mandatory optimum growth.

 Egg production

eggs from Hy-line brown laying birds

Laying chicken has been reached their desired production 96-98% according to the laying hen breeding manual compared by the traditional lighting off at night in the pullet stage.

Laying chicken has been reached their desired production 96-98% according to the laying hen breeding manual compared by the traditional lighting off at night in the pullet stage.

Not only that, it usually comes up within the exact time frame between 180-190 days, which never seen, who followed laying chicken breed manual.

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