Coccidiosis in poulltry

Antiprotozoal Drugs

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Antiprotozoal defines as drugs acts on protozoa which are single-cell organisms. several types of protozoa causing disease in poultry. Coccidiosis is the most common protozoal disease in poultry.

The life cycle of avian coccidia and the effects of anticoccidial drugs on the life cycle. All drugs are effective during the asexual cycle only, except that diclazuril is also effective during the sexual cycle.

Second generation schizonts seem to play an important role in gut damages; drugs affecting
this stage can be used to treat an outbreak.

poultry Mania represents a wide variety of articles about antiprotozoal drugs.


Poultry is the most of the anticoccidial drugs discussed in this section and is used in chickens.

(a) Broilers are not vaccinated against coccidia because the latent infection may retard growth.

(b) Layers are vaccinated against coccidia. Outbreaks are usually treated with a sulfonamide or diclazuril on an as-needed basis.

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