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Polyether Ionophores for poultry

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Polyether Ionophores

Polyether Ionophore defined as natural & biologically active compounds/ substances produced by fermentation of streptomyces or actinomadura. It destroys Emeria spp by inferring balance of most important ion especially sodium & potassium. There are some drugs included in this class. Its also called coccidiostat in an earlier time. It’s only used via poultry for controlling coccidiosis in poultry.


It is classified by two class

a) Monovalent ionophores

Its define as Ionophoes that have valency one called Monovalent ionophores. eg monensin, narasin, and salinomycin & Monovalent glycosidic ionophores (maduramicin and semduramycin)

For instance, Monensin, salinomycin, Narasin, Maduramycin, Samduramycin, etc

b) Divalent ionophores 

Its define Polyether as Ionophoes that have valency two called Divalent ionophores

For instance Lasalocid

Adverse Effect

Polyether sodium (Na+)  ionophores Increased intracellular Na+ concentrations will damage mitochondria and Golgi body into the host.

this higher calcium ion in cardiac & skeletal muscle responsible for inducing the main toxicity of these drugs. It also increases catecholamine secretion of chromaffin cells caused by jeopardizing cardiac arrhythmia. It increases various hormone secretions in endocrine cells.

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