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Broiler bird | Requirements & Management

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Standard Requirements For Broiler birds

Standard requirements for broiler birds are very simple and also require simple investment. broiler bird requirements & Management are of great importance for a successful farming operation. Therefore, It is better to know about the standard requirements for broiler management before setting up the business. this article discusses the fact of primary management requirement for broiler bird

Broiler birds And Employment

A broiler bird is defined as a domesticated bird that is rearing for the purpose of meat production either commercially or small scale in the countryside area.

Now, It is being the most significant sector for employment throughout the world due to it is convenient, easy-doing, establish just beside the house & low investment for small scale farmers.

hence, it is being popular for rural people. But, it has the prerequisite before settling up the business, otherwise, it would become the face lots of loss in this business.

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Floor Requirements:

loor space, waterers, drinkers, lightings for broiler rearing.

1-10 days: 3-4 chicks/squire feet

11-20 days: 2-3 birds/squire feet

21-30 days: 1 birds/squire feet

Water Requirements:

In the first weeks, chicks need one drinker for 150 chicks, if we will suppose that 1000 chicks, it would require 15 drinkers for supplying water.

from the second week. it will be increased by five drinkers in a consecutive week and continue to up to four weeks. and 30 drinkers are required at week four.

If you will be not sold out your birds, later increase waterers to provide 2″drinking space/bird after week 4.

normally birds take 2-3 liter drinking water per kg of feed but the amount will be double in the summer season tackling heat stress.

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Feed Requirements:

there are three types of poultry feed is given to the broiler birds like starter, grower, finisher and all are either pellet or crumble or both mixed form.

but, there is much more controversial opinion in the field because performance are being a variable issue.

Fortunately, according to the performance of birds especially body weight gain, it is clear that starter & finisher feed carry out significant results in the field practice.

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but here some rules be maintained to achieve the optimum result- starter feed should provide up to 21-22 days when birds attaining at least 800 gm.

because broiler would not consume much grower feed due to intestine not properly digest larger particle size of grower feed. if there are any abnormalities in the intestine of the poultry causing intestinal coccidiosis that leading to weight loss at final market weight.

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hence intestinal disturbances occurred and birds losing the bodyweight. In some cases, intestinal coccidiosis affected during early ages, especially in chicks.

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It is the wrongest practice in the field to provide grower feed at unattainable bird weight.

Broiler starter feed contains 22-24% crude protein and 2900kcal/kg feed.

finisher feed is given after attaining a bodyweight minimum of 1600 gm in every single bird.

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Lighting Requirements:

Lighting should be provided 24 hours continuously from day one to marketing.

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