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Newcastle Disease: Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index( ICPI) Value In poultry

Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index Value (ICPI)

Newcastle Disease Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index Value (ICPI) is defined as numeric referring which denotes how much a Newcastle disease virus showing virulence on the day-old chicks in poultry. The term virulence means the ability of the pathogen to infect the host. Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index( ICPI) Value is the crucial factor for the Newcastle disease vaccine which determines the ability of the vaccine strain to cause disease in poultry. according to the research, live Newcastle disease vaccine must cause disease in the poultry but sometimes not showing clinical symptoms. Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index Value (ICPI) indicates the strain of Newcastle disease virus which causing disease and their ability.

Strain of Vaccine

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease in the host after applying via an orally or parenteral route.

Viruses for used for the preparation of vaccines called strain of vaccine. Either its parts of the virus or whole body use this purpose to produce immunity in the body.

in the case of Newcastle disease, Intracerebral pathogenicity index Value which is showing how much Nd strain producing disease into the poultry.

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Intracerebral pathogenicity index

The Intracerebral pathogenicity index is a test to see how virulent a virus is. Virulence defines as an ability of a pathogen to produce how much harmfulness to the host.

Intracerebral pathogenicity index value

In another word, the Intracerebral pathogenicity index value defines as a determination of virulence of vaccine virus which ability to causing diseases in day-old chicks.

The most virulent Ndv viruses will give a maximum score of 2.0 in this test, whereas whereas lentogenic and asymptomatic enteric strains will give values close to 0.0 which indicates NDV unable to produce disease into host.

Table of ICPI Value

Commonly used live lentogenic (loNDV) vaccine strains, mesogenic vaccine strains, and virulent challenge virus strains and their genotype and pathogenicity indices for chickens. The Intracerebral pathogenicity index value is mentioned in the table for a specific strain of Newcastle disease-

Varus strain Pathotypes Genotypes ICPI value
Ulster 2CAsymptomatic I 0.0
QV4 Asymptomatic I 0.0
VG/GAAsymptomatic/ lentogenic II 0.0
Hitchner B1 lentogenic II 0.2
LaSota lentogenic II 0.4
Mukteswar Mesogenic IV 1.4
Roakin Mesogenic II 1.5
Beaudette C Mesogenic II 1.6
TXGB Velogenic II 1.8
Velogenic III 1.9
CA/2002 Velogenic Vb 1.8
ZJ1 Velogenic VIId 1.9

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