Lymphatic System

Spleen At Disease Condition in Poultry


The spleen is a major lymphoid and blood filtration organ and is located in the left cranial abdomen in both animal & human body. It is responsible for storing and removing erythrocytes from the blood as well as antigen surveillance of the blood and antibody production in the body.


Lies along side to the right of the proventriculus and is found caudodorsally to the liver in poultry. Spherical in chickens, triangular in ducks & oval in pigeon & different location in others species.

Lesion At Diseases

1. Newcastle/Ranikhet Disease

Newcastle disease is an infection of domestic poultry and other bird species caused by virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV). Like others organ spleen also predominate site of infection in Newcastle disease.

Avian Gout

Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH)

Fowl Typhoid

In chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD)