Steps for Drinking Water Vaccination In Poultry

Water Vaccination In Poultry

The most common method of giving the live vaccine in all countries is to give vaccines in drinking water in poultry. It is the simplest and most efficient of all. Today I am trying to describe in detail the method of vaccination in water in chickens and poultry (Turkey, pigeon, duck, quail, etc.

Vaccine transport

Thoroughly clean the vaccine carrier first. Then put a layer of ice on the bottom, put a cloth on it and place it on top of the vaccine wrapped in paper. Place one more layer of ice or ice pack with another cloth on it.

Vaccination time

The vaccine should be given at the coldest time of the day, i.e. in the morning or at night. The vaccine should never be given in daylight.

Previous work of vaccination

All water containers should be removed two hours before the vaccination (winter) / one to one and a half hours (summer). In the case of layers, the water in the water line should be turned off and water should be discarded. Then the water container or line should be cleaned first with detergent than a few times with clean water.

Vaccine dilution

The vaccine should first be mixed with half a liter of water mixed with skim milk. Then another half-liter. After that one liter. Then add two liters of water slowly, which will last for one and a half hours. Dyes can be given with the vaccine. In case of watering, always give 20% more dose.

Vaccination Strategy

After mixing the vaccine with water, take an equal amount of vaccine water in all the containers and give it to all the containers as soon as possible. After an hour and a half, all the pots should be picked up.

Post vaccination Activities

When the vaccine is given, all the containers should be removed. Then all the pots should be thoroughly washed with detergent and clean water and given with white water. Do not take any antibiotics or unnecessary vitamins within the next 24 hours of the vaccine.