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Chicken Spleen

The Chicken spleen is the principal organ of systemic immunity. It considered as second the largest lymphoid organ in chicken. It has a very complex lymphatic and vascular organization. This is an organ with multiple functions.

Location Of Chicken Spleen

It lies dorsal to the right lobe of the liver between the proventriculus and ventricles. In the postmortem, it can be isolated By rotating the ventricle to the located at the angle between the proventriculus, ventricles, and liver. Accessory spleen are well organized in chicken and maybe hypertrophic after splenectomy. one or more small accessory spleen may be adjacent, cranial, caudal to the spleen.

Chicken Spleen Size and shape

It oval-shaped in chicken and psittacine. In proportion to body weight, the spleen is smaller in birds than mammals. The diameter of the spleen is approximately one-quarter of the length of the proventriculus.

But in other Avian species, Bean shaped in the pigeon. Elongated, tubular, comma-shaped in passerines. Long and narrow in gulls. In proportion to body weight, the spleen is smaller in birds than mammals.

The size of the psittacine spleen is varied widely, ranging from 1-2 nm in budgerigars and 3 to 4 nm lovebirds and cocktails 7-8 nm in Amazon carrots. Because the psittacine spleen is ovoid. this site should be used only as an estimate to help determine whether splenomegaly is spleen. The colors from pink to red in normal birds.

The function of Chicken Spleen

1, Spleen’s importance in disease resistance is accentuated by the scarcity of chicken lymph nodes. Its spleen functions as a major blood-filtering organ and is the major source of antibody production.

2. It is the main organ for the proliferation of plasma cells which takes place in the red pulp into the chicken spleen.

3. It carries APCs, T cells, B cells, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and peptide hormones.

1) Although its primary functions are to filter chicken blood and protect the body from invading pathogens and antigens.

2) it also plays a significant role in maintaining the immunologic homeostasis and tissue regeneration processes.

3) When the spleen is surgically removed spleen of chicks due to pathological conditions, Kupffer cells from

the liver may act as phagocytic cells tore move aging RBCs from the circulation with limited capacity.

4) Some disease identification clearly visible on the spleen like coccidiosis, NDV, fowl typhoid.

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