Coccidiosis in poultry

Per Acute Coccidiosis In poultry | Postmortem findings

Per Acute Coccidiosis

Per Acute Coccidiosis In poultry, is a parasitic disease that is caused by protozoa of the phylum Apicomplexa genus Eimeria in poultry. Per Acute Coccidiosis is especially important in intensive broiler poultry operations due to high stocking density on litter, which favor the build-up of potentially pathogenic populations of the parasite

Infection Sites

There are seven most important species of coccidia which causing per acute coccidiosis in different site of the intestinal tract of poultry. Example

Emeria acervulina- in duodenum

Emeria maxima – InJejunum

Emeria nicartrix- in Ileum

Emeria tenella– In Ceacum

Postmortem Findings

Per acute types Coccidiosis

Onset: haemorrhage into lumen of the cecum by Emeria tenella infection in 21 days broiler
blood in cecum  by Emeria tenella infection
Massive hemorrhage into the lumen of Ceca by Emeria tenella infection in 24 days broiler
blood in cecum  by Emeria tenella infection 3
blotchy hemorrhage in ceca at 23 days broiler birds

Blood deposited into the colon by Emeria brunetti infection

hemorrhage in the colon by Emeria Brunetti infection

Blockage of the rectum due to blood deposited just prior to vent by Emeria Brunetti infection

Blood deposited in the colon by Emeria Brunetti infection

Extensive hemorrhage in Jejunum & Ileum by Emeria maxima infection

White, irregular linear ‘zebra striping by duodenum Emeria Acervulina infection

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Icteric liver due to rapid destruction of red blood cells in Coccidiosis

Liver in Coccidiosis
Yellowish pigment liver by high bilirubin levels deposited on it in coccidiosis

spleen in coccidiosis
spleen became pale by excessive loss of blood in coccidiosis

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Yellow-colored kidney due to inhibiting blood flow in coccidiosis


Toltrazuril acts on developing 1st schizont & 2nd generation schizont as well gametes of Emeria tenella but others anticoccidials acts on deferents stages. Emeria tenella rapid multiplication triggers by developing schizont & gametes stages. Other drugs are diclazuril, amprolium, sulfur drugs, etc.

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