Coccidiosis |Site Of Infection Of Emeria spp
Coccidiosis in poultry

Coccidiosis |Site Of Infection Of Emeria spp

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Site Of Infection Of Emeria

Coccidiosis is the protozoal disease which caused by single celled Emeria spp in poultry. Simply Emeria called also coccidia. There are eight active species found in poultry. Chicken is the only natural host of coccidiosis. Emeria spp have complex life cycle which are continuous process that developed into host chicken. Site of infection defined where Emeria spp multiply in the intestinal tract of poultry. There are eight species but they are also host specific. One Emeria species can not grow in others host like emeria tenella only causing bloody diarrhea in chicken but never others species like Turkey, duck, pigeon etc.

Emeria not only host specific but also tissue specific. For example E. acervulina only developed in the epithilium of duodenum but not others organ. So Every Emeria spp have one site of infection in the intestinal tract of chicken.

Site infection of Emeria spp

There are seven important species. In addition, Eimeria hagani, first described in 1938, has only rarely been described since. Eimeria mivati, described in 1965, is now considered to be a spurious species comprising a mixture of E. acervulina and Eimeria mitis.

lesion may increased in size but development of Emeria remain same site of infection.

Name of Emeria sppSitte of infection in intestine
Emeria acervulinaDuodenum
Emeria maximaIleum
Emeria nicartrixjejunum
Emeria brunettiColon
Emeria tenellaCecum
Sites of infection by Emeria spp
Fig: Sites of infection by Emeria spp

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Coccidiosis|Site Of Infection Of Emeria spp

Coccidiosis In Chicken

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