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Disadvantages of lighting Off At Night for the pullet layer birds

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Disadvantages of lighting for the pullet layer birds

There are some negative aspects of the lighting schedule at night period for the open shed system for the pullet layer hen in the field. But, there no absolute data rearing pullet by the open shed in the first world countries. But, the disadvantages of lighting at night have continuously affected the farmer who is rearing pullet layer birds in the south Asian countries.

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Therefore, the writer has discussed the fact of lighting at night time in the aspect of the south Asian countries, where the writer has been practice poultry medicine since 2014. this is not hypotheticall articltes and it is based on writer practical exercing in his profession life.

If we assume the laying hen their life cycle, stage of the growing period especially pullet cycle, it is important for maintaining growth symmetrically, otherwise, It would be affected by various diseases like viral, bacterial, protozoan & fungal also. Although, these types of infection variable in the pullet period, & mostly vulnerable to birds if the life of light condition.

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this article will discuss some drawbacks if the light-off at night during the pullet period. All the facts of this article are based on pullet that is rearing the in-floor & open shade system, please avoid the facts which are rearing in the cage system.


It is more vulnerable to laying pullet birds especially rearing in the floor system due to contaminating feces through the ground liter, which is consequently engulfed.

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Despite this fact, Coccidiosis causes huge loss if infected the birds when light off during the night time due to susceptibility may increase in the empty stomach when the increase acidic secretion, & acidic medium provides the optimum environment for coccidial species compared full intestine.

It has been seen continuously & farmers who have no idea about the principle, suffering a lot in the field due to coccidiosis to their pullet layer hen.

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Although they are practicing the ancient management system but gradually weather changing, this fact obviously keeps in mind. It’s allegedly occurring coccidiosis from the pullet stage to egg production period up to 50 weeks.

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Necrotic Enteritis

It is the gram-positive bacteria who are causing invariable loss to farmers after affecting the pullet birds. There are two ways to infect the pullet birds on the farm.

Firstly, It acts as an opportunistic organism during coccidiosis outbreak on the farm. Therefore, it is most common along with coccidiosis.

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Secondly, It is a causal agent named clostridium app that is mostly found in the soil, sand, & litter materials. So, if the light off during the night period, it would possible to intake more litter materials due to neutralize their starvation, and in this way, the organism easily enters into the pullet bird’s stomach.

Once it would be infected with the pullet birds, it difficult to eradicate the infection through their life cycle. It reportedly dies out 1-2 birds daily basis at the production stages also

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Unequal uniformity

Above this condition, if the pullet birds are affected, the utterly affected the pullet uniformity, this leads to failure of peak production or delay the highest production of birds.

Proventricular Erosion

The main function of the proventricular gland is secreting high-level hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen to churn the feed materials by the strong mechanical muscle of proventriculus, but producing HCL in this gland is incessant, which it never stops his production of HCL into the proventriculus either off-feed or feed in the gland.

therefore, It is vulnerable to cause proventriculus erosion by HCL during off feed at night.

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