E.coli in poultry

Escherichia Coli

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What is Escherichia coli?

Escherichia coli is type of bacteria bacteria which causing several disease in poultry. Its most common organism in poultry. Its found all over places like food, water, soil, dust & intestine of human & animals.

General Feathers

Its gram-negative, rod-shaped, flagellated, facultative anaerobic organism under the family of Enterobacteriaceae. It’s most commonly known as Coliform bacteria.

Types Of E.coli

There are two types

  1. Non Pathogenic: Which not causes any diseases in poultry, Mostly found in lower intestine of poultry. this types also called normal gut flora in poultry. It acts as a beneficial organism that helps in digestion in intestine of poultry.

  2. Pathogenic: Which causing diseases in poultry. Sometimes causing heavily mortality associated with others organism. this types organism called “opportunistic microorganism” due to its associated all others organism like Mycoplasmosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis, Gumboro disease, IBH, Infectious coryza, Avian Influenza etc.
Diseases In poultry

Most common diseases caused by E. coli called colibacillosis. diseases are

  1. Coliseptisemia
  2. Yolk Sac infection
  3. Egg peritonitis
  4. Coligranuloma
  5. Harre’s disease
  6. Swallon Head Syndrome
  7. Cellulitis
  8. Synovitis

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