FDA Drug Label Use In Poultry Smackdown!

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FDA Drug Label Guidance In Poultry

According to the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration), It is mandatory to use any medications followed as on FDA drug labels guidance in poultry. This labeling is also fixed in every medication and subject to change from time to time. Labeling is crucial for the application of drugs due to its residual effect on public health.now we can discuss FDA drug label guidance in poultry shortly.

Types of FDA drug label guidance

Practitioners treating poultry in the United States can use FDA-approved veterinary products according to the label or in an extra-label manner. FDA labeling guidance is divided into two class-

1) On Label drug use (OLDE)

2)Extra label drug use (ELDUE)

1. On Label drug use (OLDE)

According to the label guidance, recommendations are termed’ on-label drug use, ‘ saying that all of the drug label specifications (animal species and class, administration, dose, dosing frequency/interval, indication, limitations and withdrawal time) are fulfilled and the FDA-approved the withdrawal time is observed.

Withdrawal Time

The FDA-approved withdrawal timer (WDT) is the amount of time that must be observed after the last dose is administered and before the meat, eggs, or offal that is intended for human
consumption can enter the food chain.

2. Extra level drugs use (ELDUE)

In contrast to on-label drug use, medications for poultry in the United States can also be prescribed by a veterinarian for “extra-label drug use.” Extra-label drug use(ELDU) occurs when the animal species/class, administration route, dose, dosing frequency/interval, or indication differs from the FDA-approved label.

ELDU Legalization

In the UnitedStates, ELDU was legalized with the passage of the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994. When veterinary products are used in an extra-label manner, a withdrawal “interval” must be estimated based on scientific evidence and must be extended beyond the FDA-approved withdrawal time (WDT) regardless of the dose, route, or indication. It should be mentioned that legal ELDU does not include the use of prohibited drugs (such as fluoroquinolones in chickens).

Pre-requisite of ELDU using

There are two pre-requisite criteria when someone using extra-label drugs use in poultry.

1.Required Information to be included in the patient’s medical record with extra-label drug use or compounded
medication use

  • Identity of the animals, either as individuals or a group Animal species
  • Animal species
  • Number of animals treated
  • Condition being treated
  • Established name of the drug and active ingredient
  • The dosage prescribed or used
  • Duration of treatment

Specified withdrawal, withholding, or discard time(s), if applicable, for meat, eggs, or animal-derived food

2. Required information to be included on the prescription label with extra-label drug use or compounded medication use

  • Name and address of the prescribing veterinarian
  • Any specified directions for use including the class/species or identification of the animal or herd, flock, pen, lot, or another group; dose, frequency, and route of administration; and the duration of therapy
  • Any cautionary statements

The veterinarian’s specified withdrawal, withholding, or discard time for meat, eggs, or any other food that might be derived from the treated animal or animals


In order to FDA, it is mandatory to use any drug on poultry, must be followed on-drugs label guidance use criteria. But, if emergency cases, extra-label drugs may be permitted but requirements must be filled out of FDA guidelines. There is a number of beneficial outputs practicing this labeling practice. It’s is being popular in worldwide nowadays.

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Reference– Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery: A Guide for Veterinary Practitioners (306-308)

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