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Feed formulation | Standard Requirements

Poultry Feed formulation | Standard Requirements

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Poultry Feed formulation

Poultry feed formulation defined as a process by which poultry feed became manufactured in the company either automation or in some cases manual operation, that called hand made feed.

It is also consisting of unique standardization, which also world-wide accepting guidance, that completed the physical demand of birds along with maintaining proper health & fill-up nutritional requirements broadly it is called poultry feed formulation.

Standard requirements

It is a simplistic term that is defined as every ingredient, which used in poultry feed formulation, is conveying standard amount, which is denoting by percentage (%) during feed processing, which is also calculating either by using the software, that most popular now-a-day throughout the world.

or paper-based counting, which is considering sometimes inaccurate, but is mostly used in the field by a nutritionist.

for instance, Maize is the mostly common poultry feed ingredient, which it seemed to be used in poultry feed at the range of 60-70%.

Feed formulation For laying Bird

(0-8 weeks) %
(9-20 Weeks %
From 21 Weeks %
Soybean Meal15-20 15-20 15-20
Wheat Bran1018-2016-20
Rice Polish5-105-105-10
groundnut extract10-149-1015-20
Mustard cake5-105-105-10
Boken Rice10-205-105-10
Bone meal1-22-32-3

Feed formulation For broilers

IngredientsStarters (0-5 Weeks )%Finishers (6-8 weeks)%
Rice Police5-1010-20
Groundnut Cake25-3016-20
Bone meal0.7-0,750.6-0.7
Vitamins & Minerals0,1-0,20.1-0.2

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