Chicken lay her first eggs

Age Of Laying First Egg In Chicken

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Define egg

An egg is an oval object that is produced by a female bird and which contains egg yolk which is source of energy for day old chicks in poultry.

An egg is a cell that is produced in the bodies of female in the reproductive tract of animals and humans.

Commercial laying birds normally starting their lay eggs at 126 days (18 weeks).

But it’s depend on birds body weights, weather conditions, day length, nutrition, disease availability, hygiene & bio security.

Thus why sometimes laying eggs at earlier age also like 85-90 days. Sometimes owner might be confused what happened next.

but it’s not worried of fact, it’s naturally occurring for few birds, not getting all at a time.

So take a look eggs colour, size , shape, structure & texture by picture

At 137 days- it’s called jamboo eggs that contains two egg inside shell

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