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clinical signs of gout in poultry

Gout In Poultry | Clinical signs

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Clinical signs

Clinical signs of gout are also called hyperglycemia, urolithiasis, uroliths in poultry. It is easily identified with a naked eye.

Besides, clinical signs also depend on metabolic disorder some infectious agents are culprits for gout in poultry. The most predominent site of infection is the kidney. overall clinical signs showing in the kidney of poultry.

The kidney is a vital organ of the bird with diverse metabolic and excretory functions for instance. maintaining the chemical composition of body fluids, removal of metabolic waste and toxic products, regulation of blood pressure and blood volume and conservation of fluids and electrolytes.

The clinical signs are showing the duration of uric acid deposition of the particular organs of the poultry.

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Types Of Clinical Signs

Gout is characterized by depression, dehydration and sometimes with greenish diarrhea. On the basis of time to stay uric acid in the body of poultry, clinical signs of gout poultry are basically dived into two types.

1. Acute Signs

which occurred onset in the poultry without showing clinical signs. it starts from day old to mature birds.

The most susceptible species are broiler birds where growth rate is faster than other birds due to higher purine metabolism takes place.

Bit occasionally, found in laying pullet, laying chicken and other species.

The common clinical signs are

Gout in poultry
sleeping death in chicks at 04 days broiler
 gout in poultry
sleeping death in chicks at 16 days broiler

.Gout in pchicken
Unable sand up due to severe lethargic in nature
gout in broiler
in sudden onset, severe mucus is seen with hardening muscle after the death of chicks

Chalky whitish pesty vent common in acute gout
birds became lame due to milder uric acid deposit in joint

2.Chronic Signs

Chronic gout is rarely seen in the poultry. For this reason, we can not discuss the topic. Besides, clinical signs of acute gout are commonly found in the poultry.

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