Egg Grading


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Grading of Eggs

Grading of eggs is the sorting of eggs into different categories on the basis of some parameters like weight and internal quality. It helps in promoting identical packing and pricing and quality assurance to the consumers. It stimulates the production of quality eggs and helps in reducing wastage. Straightforward market price reporting and easier advertising and establishment of brand names of the quality product are some of the other advantages of grading.

Types of Egg Grading

Basically, there is two way we can grade of eggs at the home. But, it depends on country to country. Nevertheless, the requirement of egg grading more less the same worldwide. Therefore, I am going to elucidate the Indian which is called BIS/ Agmark standard

1. Grade of table eggs based on egg weight

Table eggs are defined as an egg that is normally used as a consumer product in the household in our daily life. the more common table eggs items are egg fry, egg omelet, used in cake, bread, ice-cream, and other recipes.

GradeWeight Per Egg (gram)Weight per dozen eggs (gram)
Extra Large60 and above715 and above
Large53 to 59631 to 714
Medium45 to 52535 to 630
Small38 to 44456 to 634

2. Grade of table egg based on egg quality

Egg quality vitally depends on some common content of the egg. For instance, eggshell, egg white which is called albumin, Aircell and yolk. Summarise overall prerequisite below

ShellUnbroken. clean, sound and normal shapesClean to moderately stained, sound but
slightly abnormal
Airshell4 mm or less in-depth. practically regular8 mm or less in-depth, maybe free and
slightly bubbly
Egg whiteClean and reasonably firmClear and slightly weak
YolkFairly centered, practically free from defects, outline indistinctMay be slightly off-centered, outline
slightly visible

grading of eggs also depends on egg-containing feces in some instances. Some Emeria spp is responsible for causing intestinal coccidiosis to cause indigestion and leading low-grade eggs.

See also- Drugs for Intestinal coccidiosis in poultry

How to perform Egg grading manually?

1. The weight of the egg is to be taken with the help of egg ‘weighing balance.

2. The eggshell is to be inspected visually for its cleanliness and egg is to be candIed for judging the the the soundness of eggshell.

3. By means of handling of the egg, the shape of the the the the air cell can be known. The depth of air cells can be measured with the help of a measuring scale.

4. The firmness of egg white and position of yolk can be judged with the help of the candling of the shelled egg.

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