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How to break Corona virus infection cycle naturally?

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Corona virus infection cycle

Despites, all others data about Corona virus, It is important to know the Corona virus infection cycle on the treatment point of view. Because of, our mass people want to alive after a positive by the Corona virus test. It is easy to break Corona virus infection cycle if we study the nature of infection.

This technique has been applied where some animal and human respiratory virus must be presence. the benefits of others virus are Corona is facing traffic to induce symptoms on suitable host.

There is no specific treatment, drugs, vaccine and others facilities to kill the virus. It is not possible at time due to virus strain has a strong mutating capability and reassortment characteristics. It is might possible after weaken mutating ability.

In this article, we discussed natural treatment or process to fight against this virus

What is Corona virus infection cycle?

It is define by which Corona virus infects the host( man and animal) and continue their replication and increased their progeny. By this way, infection of any virus spread out in our community which depends on host. In viral break in our community also called ” community transmission”.

Deadful virus viability always depends suitable host live in our community. Not everyone is bacame appropriate host a for SERS-COV 2 and symptoms appear in this types of host.

Importance of host for Corona virus

Corona virus is originated from family of Coronaviride which consists some others respiratory virus.
SERS-COV  is a strain of Corona virus which is caused the disease called Covid 19.
Some strains of Corona virus already exist in the world which also causing respiratory system including 229E is common strain.

Host is the important factors to infect the human. Everybody takes the virus but symptoms are not showing in a mass population.

Symptoms must showing who has a less immunity of the self respiratory tract.

Types of host for Corona virus

The term host define as a living substance such as man and animal in which virus shades inside the body, producing progeny by the replication, inducing the infection after production in a huge number. In others word called carrier of virus.

After getting the virus by any means, it takes time inducing the symptoms and time varies 01-18 days according to virus nature. It is called incubation period. Before induction of clinical signs the host acts as a carrier.

There are two types of host belong to Corona virus symptoms.

Symptomic  host- the host already has  Corona virus clinical symptoms and infection positive by confirming lab test.

Asymptotic host- the host has no clinical symptoms but positive in lab test.

How to know respiratory immunity?

The word immunity associated with disease. Incase of virus, natural immunity of this RIT ( respiratory tract infection) is a crucial due to it has a not single drugs to fight the virus.
For instance, normal flu (which is consisted of influenza virus and others viral strain) is a common seasonal problem which is persists at least 7 days. If we medicate several drugs but time takes in a week.

Some reason to take this time to recover it due to our body defensive mechanism totally fight this virus. When our engulf the whole quantity Of virus then we feel in a normal states.

Therefore, more respiratory virus infection especially flu like symptoms, you have a strong respiratory immunity.

There is two common word host and respiratory system is the dominant points incase of Corona virus infection.

How to break it naturally?

The technique which is breaking the infection cycle of Corona virus is applicable only for a normal people,mild symptoms and for asymptotic carrier.

Principle of this technique

The principle of this technique is suppress the Corona virus symptoms by the inhibiting replication process of the positive host by the induction of others virus strain in respiratory tract by the artificially applying cold.

Mild symptoms specified by the mild fever, coughing and sneezing

Asymptotic host is specified by the there is no clinical sign but positive in lab test.

It is also applicable on normal person for the better respiratory immunization before infecting by the Covid 19.

How to apply

After positive test for Covid 19, we can introduce a another viral symptoms in the identified person.

Virus can induce any symptoms after replicating sufficient quantity. Otherwise, any virus can acts as a hiding in nature does to induce any disease signs.

According to virology, the replication process must be suppressed due to presence of the another virus in the same system.

For instance, replication process depends on host immune system.if body recognize the foreign substances quickly, the production of antibodies formation also initiative quickly.As Corona virus is new virus every human body can not detect easily due to absence of memory cell against this virus. Therefore it take time to induce clinical signs.

If the organism has not sufficient replicate, the symptoms can not exist into the host.

As Corona virus is respiratory virus, there are others some respiratory virus easily introduce in any host or person.

For instances, normal cold which is caused by the influenza virus and it has more replicating power than Corona virus.

This technique also called ‘cold induction’ system which is easily lunched on positive Corona virus patient by the application of drinking ice-cube or living on cold weather.

If the normal flu symptoms rises quickly that means influenza virus has already starting replicating inside the host. It is also indicate Corona virus replication process is being slowed and symptoms are same like normal flu which easily subside within a week without a any devasting symptom.

We also know that, normal flu takes at least two weeks to recover. Our body system has strong memory T cells into immune system. Severity of the normal flu is a few in number and recovery rate is 100%.

Therefore, we can easily save from Corona virus symptoms for two weeks. At that time body immune system is busy to fight against both virus.

In this way, we can easily suppress the Corona virus symptoms and fatality.

Same virus in poultry

This technique already applied on high pathogenic avian influenza which is infecting in poultry of Bangladesh.

Nature of the both virus symptoms in case Bangladeshi environments.

According to observation on high pathogenic avian influenza which is caused by the strain of H5 and H7, the birds must not infect by this strain but infect by the

But this technique much more defficult to induce cold therapy due to presence of one virus on same same place and same body system.

See Also- Avian influenza in poultry

In conclude

if we inhibit replication of Corona virus by the introduction of another virus on respiratory system, not a single person died by the Covid 19.

This technique also be practical in any place over the world.

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