Cold Stress in Poultry

What is cold stress In Poultry?

cold stress In Poultry is defined as a condition when skin temperature of Poultry or chicken drop under internal core temperature where body can’t generate heat by metabolism. Its also known as cold shock, huddling pilling in poultry.

What  is sweat gland? 

It’s an exogenous gland located beneath the dermis layer of skin surface. This also known as sudoriferous gland.

Does chicken have sweat gland?

No. It’s absence in chicken.

Why sweat gland absent in poultry?

Unknown. Some scientists reviled that chicken have high body temperature about 41-41°C. If presence of sweat gland, birds keeps body cool by excessive evaporation thus dehydrated & death in humid conditions.

What are function of sweat gland? 

Mainly three function of sweet gland?
1. Thermoregulation
2. Secretion
3. Protection

Define thermoregulation?

It is a process that allows your body to maintain its core internal temperature. All thermoregulation mechanisms are designed to return your body to homeostasis both in human & poultry. This is a state of equilibrium.  also called Heat Regulation.

What components are associated thermoregulation in poultry?

Primary main organ are
Skin surface
Secondary organ

Which mains factors badly affect thermoregulatory system in chicken?

1. Environmental
2. Infectious causes
3. Non- infectious

What are the environmental factors associated with thermoregulation in chicken?

1. Cold stress
2. Heat stress

which ages susceptible for cold stress to chicken?

It may start from day old chicks until 2nd week except some infectious causes.

which environmental favors for cold stress?

this is occurred mainly in winter when temperature drop down below 17°C at night. Which are very critical for poultry.M

 What are mechanisms of cold stress in chicken?

Well. When environmental temperatures falls slowly, birds try to worm their body by producing heat from metabolisms thus transmit energy to skin surface,by this birds balancing exogenous & endogenous heat regulations. this mechanism control by hypothalamus of brain in chicken
if temperatures drop down continuously, birds increasing internal metabolism by producing heat as well blood to extremities to keep worm. but this process sustained very shortly due to heart became stop pumped the blood when extremities encounter by freezing temperature. In this temperatures blood unable to supplies in skin surface . Heart became highly pressured by hypothalamus to produced extra blood but unable & birds to cold shocked.

Can classified cold stress?

Yes classified by three way

Mild cold stress

If body temperature falls 4-5 Celsius of chicken , it define as mild cold stress

Medium cold stress

If body temperature falls 5-8 Celsius of chicken , it define as medium cold stress

Severe cold stress

If body temperature falls 10 & above Celsius of chicken , it define as severe cold stress

What are the Causes of cold stress in chicken?

Managemental causes

Improper brooding temperature :

Readjustment height of brooders

Absence of lower side curtains in shed

Open side curtains for inducing daylight at morning

water deprivation at night

Starvation of feed during night time.

Inappropriately numbers of brooders

Improper heights of brooder

what are the basic signs of cold stress?


piling in chicks

Huddling of chicks

Some Infectious causes  & symptoms

Newcastle/Ranikhet disease

Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH)

Postmortem Findings: See here


Its treated according to causes:

Improper Brooding temperature: Its should be provided as 1 watt/chicks for summer season & 1-2 watt/ chicks in winters season. Brooder should placed middle of the houses .

Readjustment height of brooders

In perfect brooding system height should be maintained strictly because both hypothermia & hyperthermia occurred due to imbalance temperatures inside the house. Keep brooders rectangular to chicks gourd for equal distribution of lights for every chicks.

Absence of lower side curtains in shed

Always maintain lower side curtains specially in winter. Its prevents air circulation inside poultry house. Polythin, jute bags, cloths etc. can be used at this purpose

Open side curtains for inducing daylight at morning

Inducing sun lights insides house causing imbalance temperature because colder air comes from outside to inside by sun lighting . So keep inside house balanced by providing heat sources .

water deprivation at night

In severe cold weather when temperature falls below 10 degree celcius, birds refuse cold water intake. So try to provide lukewarm warm water 2-3 times at nights.

Inappropriately numbers of brooders

Brooders should be Install according to measurement

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