Indigestion in Poultry: Causes & Signs

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Indigestion in Poultry

Indigestion in poultry and their causes, as well as clinical signs, widely exist in the world.

Also known as dyspepsia, dyspepsia, hyperacidity, acidity, heartburn. Indigestion means feed remains undigested in the intestinal tract of Poultry. This is a common problem in the field. It is the most economical condition for farmers who are involved in poultry farming.

proper body weight gain, feed FCR, the overall performance of birds are also associated with indigestion. Indigestion has great economic effects for small scale farmers in livestock & Poultry.

Causes & Signs

Amoung general causes, some infectious agents causing indigestion. But one point is common for all causes indigestion in gizzard, crop, and stomach.

If the crop infection, for instance, the pendulous crop which the most is common for poultry, poultry became go off feed partially leading indigestion in poultry.

In gizzard, the chemical substances called gizzerosine which is mostly secreted from infected gizzard in poultry. for this reason, faulty feed turning has occured, that indigestive digestive feed is seen in the letter of poultry which is the predominant signs of indigestion.

in the intestine, several infectious agents and non-infectious agents are responsible for causing indigestion poultry. imbalance of crude protein increased or decreased the amount of protein, the dusty particle is mostly common in the case of non-infectious of indigestion of poultry.

Classification of causes

sources of causing indigestion in poultry mainly divided into class in the field. but in comparison, metabolic causes are dominant in poultry indigestion. below we discuss in shortly-

A) Metabolic Causes

Common metabolic causes consumption of excess carbohydrate, lower protein supplied excess supplemental calcium, soil, dust and in the feed, etc.

B) Infectious Causes

Some infectious disease is salmonellosis, escherichia coli, fowl typhoid, Newcastle disease, Avian influenza, are causing indigestion in poultry.

A) Metabolic Causes

Indigestion After debeaking

Enteritis after debeaking in poultry
birds became anorexic & HCL secretion increased then normal thus causes increased peristalsis movement
Indigestion by debeaking

Alteration of the intestinal environment thus balancing enzymatic reaction, HCL secretion, beneficial bacteria & uric acid metabolism

Indigestion After Changing feed

Its isolated from 60 weeks laying farm where sudden changes of feed & downgrade egg production.
Excessive mucus mixed with uric acid leads to an alteration of intestinal environmental changes.

Mycotoxin in feed

Greenish color faeces in poultry

Bile colored feces most characteristic signs of indigestion when decreased consumption of fee

The excessive carbohydrate in feed

disgestive disturbance in poultry
Its stimulate excvess HCL secretion in intestinal villi thus causes increased peristalsis movement
diarrhea in faeces

Diarrhoea are often seen with excess mucus which caused along with gram negative bacteria in faeces of poultry
thin shell & egg breakage  in chicken

Thin & pale eggshell due to nutrients come out by feces during indigestion of chickrn

B) Infectious Causes

Necrotic Enteritis

Feed ingredients remain unchanged in faeces

2. Final Faeces not coiled but spread throughout the surface after defecation

Acidiosis in poultry
Feces not coiled but spread throughout the surface after defecation
diarrhea in faeces
Diarrhea is often seen with excess mucus in feces
chicken eggs paints by faeces in digestive problems
Eggs painting with faeces which indicates Enteritis in Poultry
dyspepsia in poultry
Eggs contain variable color due to birds affected by indigestion

Newcaslte disease

faeces of Newcaslte disease
fully greenish color due to shedding virus in intestinal truct in poultry


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