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Necrotic Enteritis In Chicken: Clinical Symptoms And Treatment

Necrotic Enteritis In Laying Chicken

the postmortem findings of necrotic enteritis can easily identify grossly. there are three sites of infection confirms necrotic enteritis in chicken, common Identifying color is Orange color or yellow color in this three site of infection. Its turns orange or heavily yellow color due to destruction red blood cell which helps to carry bilirubin that is in yellow or orange color from the liver. when red blood is destroyed due to toxin production by clostridium perforin genes, bilirubin deposited on sites of inspection. That why it’s called jaundice in poultry. 


Orange color liver due to destruction of red blood that inhibits bilirubin gets red from the liver by the toxin of Clostridium perfringenes

Intestinal Tract

In duodenum orange pseudomembrane seen due to blockage bile duct at laying hen by Necrotic-enteritis

The lower intestine show a similar lesion followed by the duodenum. Source of infection primarily feeding highly contaminated fish meal.

prolapse of the uterus due to severe enteritis by the conjugation infection with emeria acervulina.

Reproductive Tract

Egg follicles became orange color & irregular egg cycle at 35 weeks laying hen in Necrotic enteritis.

Egg follicles showing severely yellow color, the same mechanism followed as liver & intestine in Necrotic enteritis


As necrotic Enteritis caused by gram-positive bacteria, it is the most sensitive to penicillin types antibiotics. The normal penicillin types of antibiotics types drugs are Amoxycillin, ampicillin, carbenicillin, ticarcillin, and piperacillin, amoxicillin, nafcillin, oxacillin, dicloxacillin, flucloxacillin, and others such as lincomycin.

Necrotic Enteritis always associated with intestinal coccidia called Emeria acervulina. maxima and others. to treat coccidial infection, using gut active sulphonamide such as sulphaclozine sodium, sulphadimidine, sulphadiazine along with potentiated sulphonamide, etc.

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