Newcastle disease

The Ultimate Newcastle Disease Treatment

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Newcastle Disease Treatment

Newcastle disease Treatment for poultry is a mysterious idea for any veterinarian and others. Although, there is no specific Treatment for NDV. Prognosis is varied from species to species and time-consuming. nevertheless, It is considered to be the most economical also because poultry can not reach previous production volume.

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Background Of Newcastle Disease Treatment

But, It has been sometimes done for saving the birds and the economical loss of the farmers. Therefore, It is a regular practice where the government does not provide financial support to the farmers after losing their birds. Although the first world countries cull the birds of the Newcastle disease affected farm by the giving compensation or other national policy.


The ultimate way of Newcastle disease Treatment

There are three considerable way can be applied to treat Newcastle disease. So, It is most similar to all species of chicken. Briefly, it is consisting bt the migration of the birds to others blank shade, proper vaccine, and medicine according to clinical symptoms. Newcastle disease treatment by the given in three ways.

1. Migration of Birds

Firstly, take the decision, if the birds rearing in the floor system, it should be necessary to migration of birds to others shed or in a cages system. The basic aim of the migration of the Newcastle disease are-

– Reducing the contamination from infected feces. which is continually excrete into the litter from an infected bird

Newcastle disease is a viral disease and has transmitted by the air. Therefore, migration should be needed that prevent NDV contaminated air.

2. By Vaccinations

Primary basic principles to treat infected flock of NDV to induced immunity of Al birds. Nonetheless, It is the best way to upsurging immunity in unaffected birds. furthermore, it is not applicable to diseased birds. The development of immunity depends on species to species

Poultry Comparative Immunity

Laying chicken produces better immunity than broiler chickens due to muscle integrity in the body. Newcastle vaccine stimulates the amino acid profile of the bird’s muscle. More strong protein structure of the muscle of birds, producing more immunity in the body of the birds.

In a comparative study in the field, laying chicken and local domesticated birds having a strong muscular structure compared to broiler birds. Vaccination is required first of the induction of immunity during the outbreak.

Choice of the vaccine strain

Several Newcastle Disease strains are used in the field by poultry experts with their experience.n In early, the consultant suggested lassota live vaccine by eye drop/water to neutralize the disease strain at the primary stage of NDv.

live lassota produces respiratory distress in a normal live birds and in addition, it is severe during an outbreak.

Diseases of poultry, 6 th edition

This is proven now this time. Please avoid lasso after the primary stage of NDV.

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The best vaccine during Outbreak

It’s better to used Newcastle disease killed vaccines to produce cell-mediated immunity. Cell-mediated immunity also depends on the Intracerebral pathogenicity index (ICPI) unit of the vaccine strain. Several two killed vaccine strains of  Newcastle disease are available which an ICP value of 0.0.

If the ICP value is higher, it has the ability to produce disease outbreaks on the farm. For example, the Live lassota vaccine has an ICP value of .40. So, It is must cause disease asymptomatic disease in the birds. but, sometimes we can not deserve it. If the condition favorable condition, it is absolutely causing Newcastle disease especially winter season.

Diaseases of Poultry, 13 th edition

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It means there are no possibilities to produce disease from the vaccine strain.

The strain is ulster & asymptomatic strain have lower Intracerebral pathogenicity index (ICPI) value & produced greater immunity in a short period of time. That’s are fast to reach an immune site. It’s possible to inject the vaccine at first-day infection which is to minimize mortality during the outbreak


3. By Medicine

Newcastle Disease virus (Ndv) not a single organism involved in this case but other organisms associated with a disease. The common pathogen is-

Mycoplasmosis, salmonellosis, Pasteurellosis, colibacillosis caused several lesions such as egg peritonitis, Airsaculitis, Pneumonia, swollen head syndrome, etc.

Choice of drugs

So the application of antibiotics should be needed to prevent these infections & save the birds. It should be avoided to give antibiotics in the oral route to reduce intake water & thus causes dehydration of birds & increased mortality.

Drug Specification
For Mycoplasmosis

Antimycoplasmal drugs should be used such as Tiamulin, Tilmycosin, erythromycin, Azithromycin, etc. if refused water & feed intake please avoid oral antibiotics. Enter the injectable solution like ciprofloxacin 20mg/kg, Enrofloxacin 25mg/kg, Tiamulin@ 30mg/kg body weight, tylosin @10mg/kg body weight intramuscular for several days should suggest.



For Gram Positive negative bacterial infection

For better gram-positive bacterial coverage, It is to used Penicillin and cephalosporin up to the second generation at 10mg/kg body weight. Avoid gram-negative bacterial infections using bettered antibiotics which great susceptibilities to gram-negative like Florfenicol, gentamycin, colistin sulfate, neomycin, etc.

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for Specific Gram-Negative Bacteria

In poultry, the mostly gram-negative bacteria which causes the infection is Enterobacteriaceae origin. The common organism of this family are

salmonella- causing Pullorim disease in chicks and Fowl typhoid in Adult

Escherichia coli- Causing Mushy chick disease, Colibacteriosis, CCRD, Swallen head syndrome, etc

For severe gram-negative bacterial infection, cephalosporin drug of choice in this situation like ceftriaxone @10mg/kg body weight, cefoperazone 12mg/kg, azotonium @10 mg/kg & ceftiofur 7mg/kg body weight should apply for several days.



I have been practicing ceftriaxone at 10mg/kg body weight in an injectable form in the poultry. These are the best drugs on fowl typhoid and fowl cholera when not stopping mortality by the oral route drugs. It has no reference in a book or on the internet, but I have been starting from the human typhoid phenomenon since 2016.

Ramzan,DVM, Poultry veterinarian
For Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is commonly found in laying pullets during an outbreak of Newcastle Disease. Therefore, In young broiler & layer, coccidiosis where involved can apply toltrazuril salt in water.

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Drugs for Treatment of Newcastle disease In Chicken

The common drugs using for treating Newcastle disease to secondary infection by antibiotics in the chicken are –

Top homeopathic Medicine For Newcastle disease
  • Arsenicum Alba- 1M
  • Antrim Tart 30x
  • Rhus tox 30x
  • Baptisia 30
  • veratrum album

all the homeopathic drugs applied @ 10ml/ 100 birds for 5 days without providing fresh water.

Newcastle disease Treatment In pigeons

Give R2B vaccine which contains Mesogenic strain of Newcastle disease at 0.3 ml in breast muscle. If the R2B vaccine not available, give Lasota vaccine 1 drop once daily for 2 days orally.

Homeopathic medicine- conium musculatum- 30x, 1 tab thrice daily for one day. from the next day give Argentum nitrate 1 tab daily for 6 days.

The most Newcastle disease symptoms are given below-

Ramzan, DVM, Poultry Veterinarian

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