Newcastle Disease

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Newcastle Disease

Newcastle disease is the viral disease caused by ND virus under the family paramyxoviridae. Its non-segmented negative-sense RNA virus. It caused disease in poultry especially chicken, pigeon, etc.


The definition is broadly announced in two ways worldwide which are most acceptable.

Older Definition

(a) According to OIE (Formerly The Office International des Epizooties OIE)

  • Newcastle disease (ND) is defined as an infection of birds caused by a virus of avian paramyxovirus serotype- 1 (APMV-1) that should meet one of the following criteria for virulence:

⦁ Newcastle disease virus has an intracerebral pathogenicity index (ICPI) in day-old chicks (Gallus gallus) of 0.7 or greater.

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⦁ Newcastle disease is a disease of birds caused by strains of avian paramyxovirus type 1, significantly more virulent than lentogenic strains.

⦁ Virulence of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) virus depends on multiple basic amino acids in virus structure (either directly or by deduction) at C & N terminus.

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NDV symptoms depend on factors that influence the incubation period. It also accounts for the variation in the clinical signs observed after infection.  Clinical symptoms of Ndv in other poultry species can be different and depend not only on the species but also on the specific breed of bird. The common symptoms are

  • comb became starting to bluish color in live struggling birds
  • The combs have been partly bluish in color due to a lack of oxygen in the blood
  • Lower eyelid became redden in color
  • Characteristics green color faces

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ND Lesions

  • Severe hemorrhage in tips of Proventriculur gland
  • Brush point hemorrhage in the intestine at
  • hemorrhage in caecal tonsil
  • increase egg breakage reduces the size & pale colors of eggs in

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ND Treatment

To treat NDV, several things should be considered as 

Mortality: Varies from strain to strain. Like lentogenic types mortality reach to 40 %& vvNDv goes to 100%.

Egg production: Recovered flock never reaches previous production level due to virus shedding in the reproductive tract & destruction of ovarian follicles.

body weight: Birds can lose body weight within a week by NDV infection either it involved Gastro-Intestinal Tract & Reproductive tract.

Time: Infected flock can be recovered with two weeks if properly treat the flocks. It requires 11days to stop complete mortality.

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Ramzan, DVM

Poultry Veterinarian

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