Organic chicken farm

Organic Poultry Farming

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What is Organic Poultry Farming?

Organic poultry Farming is means a production model where the poultry is allowed to exhibit all their natural behaviors. In other words; where the use of synthetic and chemical compounds are prohibited or minimized in nutrition, health and protection activities intended for the animals and the rights and welfares of animals are privileged

Why Organic Poultry Farming is being Demanding?

In order to meet increasing food demand, commercial poultry breeders raised more rapidly growing animals and increased the number of poultry per unit area. the purpose of obtaining the highest productivity possible from this poultry with the lowest cost and adopted some productive applications to enhance the performances.

These applications which were performed in an uncontrolled way, in turn, led to some food safety problems in terms of human health. animals and environment, organic agriculture which is an environmentally friendly and nature conscious method have started to be developed in time as a starting point.

Why organic Poultry Farming is Popular?

Being developed together with the organic(ecological) agriculture and coming to the foreground among the organic poultry activities depending on the customers’ preferences thanks to its being healthy and cost-effective, organic poultry has also achieved a driver seat in the industry.

What is the future of Organic Poultry Farming?

Being started to be performed in an unconscious way for the purpose of meeting the meat and egg needs of families a long time ago. organic poultry has turned into commercial organizations in today’s world and it keeps upsurging its product range (such as meat and eggs) and uses day by day in line with the growing public awareness and consumer demands

Organic Poultry Feed

Some Important factors are associated with the background of organic poultry farming throughout the world. Organic Chicken Farm has been rising stages are always bound to fulfill consumers’ demands. But some important issues should minimize to availability of organic poultry products.

Organic Standards

Organic Standards defined as a criterion for organic poultry farming which is must be maintained in farming practice organically. Normally these types of organic standards criteria approved by the certifying authority that is located in the various region of the world. Organic certification based on the organic standard of chicken.

The common organic standards for chicken are the prohibition of any type of synthetic chemicals such as an antibiotic, enzymes, feed additives, chicken not keep in cages, etc.

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