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Photo gallaery represent blog photo of poultry Disease in shortcut. Experts confused sometimes which best photo in her/his mind but when take look real photo of poultry disease, confusion never happen again& again. So we represent a clearcut photo of poultry disease which has never seen in others web.

Newcaslte disease

Cyanosis of comb in ranikhet disease,Cyanosis of comb in newcastle disease, clinical signs of newcastle disease,picture of newcastle disease
Cyanosis of comb in ranikhet disease.
Photo of poultry disease collected from 70 weeks brown layer hen
Head edema in newcastle disease
Swallon head in Newcastle Disease.
Photo collected from 20 days broiler bird
Swallon head in Newcastle disease
Swallon head in Newcastle disease.
Photo collected from 23 days broiler bird
greenish color stools in Newcastle Disease
fully greenish color due to shedding virus in intestinal truct in poultry.
 Photo collected from 20 weeks brown layer birds.
hemorrhage at Proventriculus in Newcastle Disease
Hemorrhage at proventriculus in Newcastle Disease.
 Photo collected from 20 days broiler birds
hemorrhage at intestinal Newcastle disease
Brush point hemorrhage at intestinal in Newcastle disease. Photo collected from 20 days broiler bird
Clinical signs of Newcastle disease
Dullnes at standing position at chicken Newcastle disease. Photo collected from 35 days color broiler birds
Eggs in Newcastle disease
Discoloration, soft shell, shelless & reduced size in newcastle disease
Spleen in Newcastle Disease
White necrotic focci at spleen in Newcastle disease. Photo collected from 18 weeks turkey.
reenish faeces at Newcastle disease
greenish faeces with urate are common at primary stages in NDV infection. collected from 18 days broiler
spleen at newcastle disease
White necrotic focci at wide area are seen at VvNDV where mortality reached 60% in newcastle disease.collected from 20 days broiler farm
Spleen in chronic respiratory disease
Slight swallon but color not changed yet due to active blood circulation in spleen. collected from 21 days broiler
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