Poultry Disease Pictures

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Poultry Disease Pictures

Poultry Disease Pictures represents a stunning poultry disease view which is the unique characteristic of Poultrymania.com. Experts confused sometimes which the best photo in her/his mind but when take look real poultry Disease pictures, confusion never happens again& again. So we represent a clearcut photo of poultry disease which has never seen on another web.

Newcastle disease

Newcastle disease (ND) define as a viral disease caused by Newcastle disease virus (NDV) under the family of paramyxoviridae. there are various types of Newcastle Disease and have different definition exist in the world.

Clinical and Necropsy findings

Cyanosis of comb in ranikhet disease,Cyanosis of comb in newcastle disease, clinical signs of newcastle disease,picture of newcastle disease
Cyanosis of comb in Ranikhet disease.
Photo of poultry disease collected from 70 weeks brown layer hen
Head edema in newcastle disease
Swollen head is Newcastle Disease.
Photo collected from 20 days broiler bird
Swallon head in Newcastle disease
Swollen head in Newcastle disease.
Photo collected from 23 days broiler bird
greenish color stools in Newcastle Disease
fully greenish color due to shedding virus in the intestinal tract in poultry.
 Photo collected from 20 weeks of brown layer birds.
hemorrhage at Proventriculus in Newcastle Disease
Hemorrhage at proventriculus in Newcastle Disease.
 Photo collected from 20 days broiler birds
hemorrhage at intestinal Newcastle disease
Brush point hemorrhage at intestinal in Newcastle disease. Photo collected from 20 days broiler bird
Clinical signs of Newcastle disease
Dullnes at a standing position at chicken Newcastle disease. Photo collected from 35 days color broiler birds
Eggs in Newcastle disease
Discoloration, softshell, shells & reduced size in Newcastle disease
Spleen in Newcastle Disease
White necrotic focci at spleen in Newcastle disease. Photo collected from 18 weeks of turkey.
reenish faeces at Newcastle disease
greenish feces with urate are common at primary stages in NDV infection. collected from 18 days broiler
spleen at newcastle disease
White necrotic foci at wide-area are seen at VvNDV where mortality reached 60% in Newcastle disease.collected from 20 days broiler farm
Spleen in chronic respiratory disease
Slight swallow but color not changed yet due to active blood circulation in the spleen. collected from 21 days broiler

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Avian Influenza

According to Diseases of poultry books, Avian influenza” is a broad term used to explain any infection or disease in birds caused by Type A influenza viruses. the term Influenza is used in a similar form for both humans and animals.


there are two types of infection found in birds 1) High pathogenic AI ( HPAI) 2) Low pathogenic AI (LPAI). So LPAI just only one of many subtypes in poultry.

High pathogenic Avian Influenza ( HPAI)

With the HPAI viruses, morbidity and mortality rates are very high (50%–89%) and can reach 100% in some flocks. Typically, the virus spreads rapidly among poultry housed on the floor with peak mortality (70%–100%) occurring in three to five days of first clinical signs. but in poultry housed in cages, the virus spreads slower through the house with peak mortality taking 10–15 days

Clinical Symptoms
birdflu, fowl plaque, bluish comb in High pathogenic avian influenza
Acute bluish comb usually see only High pathogenic avian influenza infection (HPAI)

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Milky white diarrhea. the image has been collected from the 33 weeks commercial laying hen

Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza

It is less devastating compared to mortality between HPAI. It is being effectively controlled without the application of Anti-Influenzeal drugs in the field.

The success of the treatment depends on the complication of the clinical sign, postmortem findings,& diagnosis of disease.

Clinical Signs and necropsy findings

Low pathogenic avian influenza in poultry.poultry mania
The upper part of the comb became cyanotic in the early stages of low pathogenic avian influenza in chicken

Greenish color feces with excess mucus is the characteristics signs of LPAI in poultry

Low pathogenic Avian Influnza
In the case of broiler birds, Severe hemorrhage is seen during the outbreak of LPAI which manifest by excessive coughing and gurgle sound with higher mortality.

low pathogenic avian influenza
Treahea is mild hemorrhage but symptoms are manifest by the drop in egg production and slightly coughing

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