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Poultry Diseases

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What is Poultry Disease?

Poultry Disease is defined as the deviation from the normal state of health which may be characterized by impaired body functions, a decrease in production, mortality, and morbidity of the poultry population

Introduction of poultry diseases

Poultry diseases are susceptible to birds which are in several types of infectious and/or non-infectious diseases. The most common infections are a virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, Mycoplasma, Rickettsia, and chlamydia. This infectious causing disease is the same as human beings.

The common disease which is similar to both poultry and human are typhoid, cholera, etc. These diseases affect the fast-growing especially broiler birds and laying chickens’ performances.

Sometimes, Poultry viral diseases are causing higher mortality due to respiratory infection, enteritis, bloody diarrhea, paralysis, and prostration. above mention, clinical sign cause huge production losses and enhance the production cost

Poultry disease Classification

There are ways, we can classify the poultry diseases. Such as based on infectious category, organ, body system, symptoms. But broadly, we can divide into two classes

1. Infectious disease

It is defined as a disease caused by the live pathogen or microorganism. such as virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. according to the spread of disease, infectious diseases are classified into three groups.

  • Contagious disease

It is defined as a disease that can be spread to one place to another place by the physical and non-physical means. For instance, Avian Influenza spread pandemically inside the country and worldwide by the airborne transmission. It also spread by infected birds, humans, vehicles, etc.

  • Non-Contagious disease

It means the disease which does not transmit to one location to another location by any means. Such as brooder pneumonia is a non- contagious disease in poultry Because it can not transmit from one person to another person or another place.

  • Zoonotic disease

Zoonotic disease refers to a disease which transmits from the animal to human. For instance, Newcastle disease found in poultry only. But it can be transmitted to humans causing conjunctivitis.

  • Non-infection disease

Non-infection disease defined as a disease caused by non-infectious agents. such as vitamin and mineral deficiency belong to this group. hypocalcemia, cage layer fatigue, fatty liver syndrome, etc.

The most common Poultry diseases

Poultry diseases are originated mainly from the six infectious agents and non-infectious groups. We can discuss the categories in a separate from

A) Viral diseases

Newcastle disease

Newcastle Disease

B) Bacterial Diseases

Protozoal Diseases

Fungal Diseases

Brooder pneumonia in poultry

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