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poultry farming project

Poultry Farming project | Starting Criteria

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Poultry Farming Project

Poultry farming is the easiest establishing and profitable business worldwide. If we think the protein source which is much need for the human body, poultry farming is the continent and cost- effect source of protein since the ancient period.

There is a huge number of people have been involved day by day in this project. It has been started anytime throughout the year.

There is no fixed time- tables to start this project. But some basics criteria should be needed before starting which make it more comfortable for the starters.

Some basics criteria for starting a poultry farming project given below

Land Selection

It is the crucial point to established a new layer & broiler farm. The farm should be contacted well-equipped road which easily connects to the town area where egg consumption much higher.

poultry farming project
poultry farming project should be established beside the well-equipped roadside

The road is made by concrete or bitumen highly recommend for the smooth transfer of poultry eggs, culled laying birds, feeds, and storing materials also.  The electricity & watering system also facile in this area.


Poultry housing depends on the climate, location of land, country’s natural resources, costing, selection of area of farm installation, etc. There are two types of housing are practicing worldwide.

Open shed system

This type of housing practice in the countryside area for poultry farming. It is really set up an open shade poultry farming. Local resources are used which varied from country to country

integrated farming
fish cum poultry farming which called integrated farming

The most common substances employing in Bangladesh are bamboo, wood, stainless tin, wire fence, etc. That why it is cost-effective due to it is easily available throughout the country. But, other country’s have different types of substances are utilizing also.

 Open shed system-broiler rearing
Open house poultry rearing system

For 100 broiler birds, it takes around 80-80k BDT and for laying birds 2-2.5 lac BDT. Open flock systems have unique advantages are no need to control temperature and humidity.

But, partially control lighting in case of the laying hen. Someone can easily start this business with a small investment.

It is best for small scale poultry farmers. It set up inside the housing area, sometimes install just feel from the house, someone incorporated with other farming systems like a pig, goat, sheep farming, etc.

Control house

Control poultry house defined as where all external temperature, humidity, and lighting fully control manually but in modern practice, automation, the system has been incorporated in every poultry producing manufacturer and hatcheries.

It requires higher investment and required complicated operational management. Control house used for the production day old chicks, grandparent & parent breeder which require highly hygienic and biosecurity systems that protect any type of poultry diseases.

Need high faculties associated with feeding and watering system also. Control shade has multiple disadvantages are Vulnerable to disease outbreak more frequently compared to open shade system.

because there is no opportunity to treat the disease due to the higher number of birds and take it is of money.

Possibly birds became culled when disease outbreak occurred. Some diseases are always cost- drawing especially in Newcastle disease, Avian influenza, Infectious bronchitis, infectious bursal disease, etc.


There are several types of layers and broiler breeds for the production of meats & eggs. Commercial layer breeds are specifically unique from one another, the most breeds are reared in the field are
Hy- line brown & white
ISA brown & white
Shaver brown

Poultry farming project egg laying chicks
Layer Chicks

In a similar way, commercial, broiler breed are

Poultry farming project broiler chicks
broiler chicks

Cobb 500
Arbor meat
Lohman meat

Chicks pricing

It depends on regions to regions throughout the world. In some countries chicks price has been fixed.but in some countries especially south Asian, chicks price has not been filed yet.

That is why prices are staying up & down. In some regions of South Asia, it is not profitable all the time due to the irregularities of the chicks price.


is an important issue for the poultry farming project. Poultry is always vulnerable to any bacterial, viral, protozoan, mycoplasmal, and fungal diseases.

Among them, poultry viral disease is the most devastating to any poultry farming projects because of lots of mortality and decreased production by the viral outbreak.

In addition, there is no specific treatment for viral infection in the world. There are numbers of vaccine all origin are commercially viable in the market.

But, proper vaccination technique and timing also much needed otherwise, investment is falling in the ground by a disease outbreak.

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the most common medication which is applied in the poultry farm project is anthelmintics, antimycoplasmal drugs, coccidiostat, and anticoccidial drugs, vitamins, and minerals.

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