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Poultry Feeds | Classification

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Classification of Poultry Feeds

Classification of Poultry feeds varies from species to species as well as purpose also. For instance, Broiler poultry feeds for the production of meat, layer feed for egg production, quail & turkey feed for the fixed purpose of either egg or meat.


but, having a different purpose using poultry feeds, the basic classification of poultry less the same. According to poultry species, poultry feeds mainly classified into three types-



a) Mash Poultry Feed

Mash feed defined as poultry feed made by raw- ingredients that physically unchangeable for the feeding of poultry. For instance, Maize, Soya meal, Rice police, Protein concentrate, white bran are generally used for making poultry mash feed but without physical alterations.

Mash poultry Feed made by raw materials without physical alteration
Mash poultry Feed

Besides, quality & nutritive values like crude protein (CP), Metabolic energy (ME/Kg), Ash keep in the same by calculating either software-based system or hand- calculation.



Mash feed commonly used in laying chicken, quail, Turkey, dominated local bird, less popular in broiler due to slow growth & time consuming the marketable age in some south Asian country.

Poultry Mash Feed using a layer feed for the egg production

Mash feed commonly used in laying chicken, quail, Turkey, dominated local bird, less popular in broiler due to slow growth & time consuming the marketable age in some south Asian country.

Pellet Poultry Feed

Pellet feed defined as the poultry feed made by boiling the raw- ingredients converting to pellet form which mostly used in poultry feed. Simply, raw materials are physically altered by steam operation convert to more consumable to poultry.

Pellet Feed
Poultry grower pellet feed

It is the most digestible compared to other types because pellet form is uniquely soft, easy to intake, and far-reaching stimulate growth inducer poultry feed. Pellet feed having Quality & other nutritive value alive the same but more metabolic.



It is easily filling up the physical demands of poultry due to body components of birds shortly received all feed nutritive value because of higher biological value.



It is normally used in short birds’ life cycling. For instance, Broiler birds can reach marketable age within 30 days, but in some countries, it varies 45 days.

The most pellet from poultry feed using in broiler diet at grower feed. In other species, the same criteria more or less the same.

Crumble feed

Crumble poultry feed less similar to pellet form but one differentiate point, these types of feed more use as a starter feed. there are some reasons crumble feed use as a starter feed.

broiler starter feed, Layer starter feed, Turkey starter feed
Poultry crumble feed using as a starter feed for all types of birds

Firstly, the particle size of crumble feeds smaller compared to other types. Secondly, poultry can easily pick up by their beak at an early age because of beak size of chicks is tiny can not take longer feed particles.

Which chicken feed is best?

There is no specific chicken feed for the chicken best. but, it depends on the types of feed chicken age.

  • for broiler chicken, pellet and crumble feed is the best item due to it is achieving faster weight gain.
  • for laying chicken, feed should be provided according to age and maturation. the first month provides broiler /layer starter, 2nd month to 16 weeks should provide pellet/crumble and grower mash for obtaining a good result. at laying stages provide layer-layer feed according to stages to stages.
  • In quail, for proper weight gain, the first month provides pellet/crumble, then continues layer-layer feed according to stages to stages or specialized quail feed varying from country to country.

What are the different types of poultry?

According to feed ingredients, there are 3 types of poultry feed are available in the market

  • Pellet feed
  • Crumble feed
  • Mash feed

According to types of poultry, poultry feed are classified into 5 types –

  • Broiler starter
  • Turkey Growing and Finishing Diets
  • Growing Diets and Developers for Leghorn-Type Chickens
  • Laying Diets for Leghorn-Type Chickens

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