Gout in chicken

Poultry Metabolic Disease

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Metabolic Disease In Poultry

Poultry Metabolic disease defined as abnormal conditions of physiological organs that originated from the metabolic pathway of poultry. It is occurred by excessive physical function without the primary involvement of infectious agents.

Common Poultry Metabolic Disease For Poultry

Metabolic diseases are associated with the metabolism of feed and other ingredients. The common metabolic diseases are

  • Indigestion related to feeding,
  • dysbacteriosis,
  • cage layer fatigue,
  • Fatty liver syndrome, (FLS)
  • fatty liver, and kidney syndrome, (FLKS)
  • Toxic Fat Syndrome ( Chick edema disease)

Etiology & Causal Agents of Gout

Avian Gout is a metabolic disease of poultry. Almost all dominated species affected by this disease. The most common species are broiler, laying hen, duck, turkey, etc.

The broiler is the most susceptible to avian gout compared to other species. Avian gout has a number of etiology & casual agent which cause gout in poultry. The casual agents of poultry can be divided into two sources. In this part, we can discuss non-infectious casual agents.

Non- Infectious

Although, infectious causes playing a vital role in inducing avian gout in poultry. If it is not distinguished properly, farmers became survive a lot facing uncontrollable mortality through the life cycle of birds.

Protein-rich feed

Poultry contains a balance of the amount of protein source either fish or animal origin.
If the feed contains a higher amount of protein, it is difficult to metabolize the amino acid as well as excreted from the body.

The by-products of a protein called uric acid. There are two types of amino acids responsible for creating uric acid in the body which are called purine & pyrimidine. If the supplied feeds contain excess protein, liver inducing uric acid from purine & pyrimidine.

Etilogy & Causal Agents of Gout| Part 02


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Etilogy & Causal Agents of Gout| Part 02

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