pullet disease in poultry

Pullet disease In layer Chicken

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Pullet disease

It is also known as Avian Monocytosis, Blue comb disease. pullet disease does not found broiler and other domesticated birds except laying chicken. Sometimes it is very hard to diagnosis properly to confirmation in the field.


Pullet disease is originated from the unknown causal agent but several factors such It nutritional, and viral, etc.


Some scientists assumed that clinical signs that are produced from this disease associated with other diseases. Manifested by bluish color combs and increased in the number of monocytes blood.

Pullet disease frequently not occurred at pullet egg-laying birds at the growing stage especially 30-75 days and continue up to laying also.

But disease outbreak in India in the year of 1984, reported by some authors by their publishing articles that period. These articles also reported that mortality range between 50-85%.

Clinical signs

Blue comb

Off feeding

Laid down


Dying off slowly

Post-mortem findings

kidney at pullet disease in poultry

NephrosisUrate deposit in kidney & ureter.

Congestion of liver

Small shrunken spleen


There is no specific treatment due to unknown etiology. Some veterinarians can be suggested vaccination of IB & treatment with Oxytetracycline @ 20-30 my/kg orally & 10-15 my/kg subcutaneously for 5 -7 days. But it is not the response all times.

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Ref: Poultry Disease, Diagnosis & Treatment by Chauhan & Roy (P-212)

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