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Semduramicin sodium is a monocarboxylic acid polyether ionophore produced by fermentation with a selected strain of Actinomadura roseorufa. The molecular formula of semduramicin sodium is C45H75O16Na and the molecular weight 894.5. Presence of sodium content about 2.8 % test  by High Performance Liquid Chromatography.


The stability studies showed that there was no loss of potency under any of the conditions tested  up to 75 % relative humidity for 12 weeks, 50 ˚C for 12 weeks. Some Studies shows stabily of samduramycin  at 37˚C have been completed for 12 months and 30˚C studies have been continued for 36 months. Feed pelleting at 90°C resulted in a loss of 5% of semduramicin sodium.

Mode of Action

 Like others sodium  Ionophores,  Samduramycin abolition of cations (Na+,K+,Li+) gradients across the host cell memebrane by semduramycin ( Ionophores) inhibits active transport of carbohydrate & developing parasites became deprive nutrients. Its remember that all ionophores mode of action occurred in cell memebrane of host cell (poultry) & host cannot affected  by these drug concentration which are lethal to coccidian parasites.

Endogenous stages affected of Emeria species

Samduramycin acts on extracellular stages of coccidian parasites e,g sporozoites, tropozoites & early schigony of Emerian parasites.

Doses & efficacy

Semduramicin sodium is  well tolerated by broiler chickens at the maximum dose level of 25 ppm. Semduramicin provides optimum anticoccidial control within the dose range 20 to 25 ppm in feed. Considering the significant reduction of body weight gain and feed consumption in birds receiving from 30 ppm semduramicin onwards.


Samduramycin @50 or 75 ppm/kg exhibited juvenile or thin feathering and decreased haemoglobin values. The 49 day body weight gains of birds receiving 50 or 75 ppm significantly reduced wight gain.

Withdrawal Period

five and ten days (or the mandatory withdrawal period for the control coccidiostats).


There is no evidence of development of resistance of samduramycin where using Eimeria tenella as test strain.

Tiamulin Incompatibility

It is recognised that in general ionophore polyethers are incompatible with concurrent tiamulin. Concurrent medication of birds receiving 25 ppm semduramicin in the feed with tiamulin in water (250 ppm) for three days resulted shows depression on body weight gain and deterioration on feed efficiency in poultry.

Which Ionophores became semi synthetic ?

Semduramicin is the latest semi synthetic Ionophores. Others existing Ionophores became natural compund e.g Monensin, Salinomycin etc.

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