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Coccidiostat | Coccidiocidal | Anticoccidial Agent

Coccidiostat: The term define specifically describes as antiprotozoal compounds that inhibit but do not kill the parasite or Agent who prevent the replication & growth  of pathogenic coccidian infection/population & host develops immunity called coccidiostat. Its broadly used that includes all coccidial drugs last decades. But later Its classify into two categories like coccidiocidal & anticoccidial. Example suphonamide, Amprolium, monensin etc.

Coccidiocidal: An antiprotozoal agents define who kill or destroy coccidial population called coccidiocidal. It is better then Coccidiostat & increasing uses in poultry worldwide.Example toltrazuril, triazuril, Diclazuril etc.

Anticoccidial: Its defined as an antiprotozoal agents used for the prevention & control of coccidiosis are called Anticoccidial. these drugs either be Coccidiostat or Coccidiocidal agents. The term anticoccidial agent is to be preferred to describe all drugs with activity against coccidia. Eg Salinomycin, maduramycin, lasalocid, Clopidol, Narasin etc.

Ramzan Ali, DVM, Poultry Consultant,

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