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Rearing Materials For Small Scale Chicken Farms

What is chicken rearing System?

Define as chicken raised or bred for their use, or for pleasure or for profit, often for food.

Substances usesd for maintaining activities eg water, feeding, lighting others during rearing of chicken.

What is feeding system?

Process by which chicken fed their feed in rearing system. Common used material’s called feeder.

What is feeder system?

Process by which feed supplies continuously to chicken.

Types of feeder:

For open shed broiler that rearing in litter system, it’s mainly three type

feeder for chicks
1. Smaller feeder

Elongated in shape

Lengths range-2-3 feet

Capacity: .5 kg feed

Feeder for adult chicken
3. large type

In cage system, long feed made by plastic slate are used cage layer birds

What is brooding brooders?

In artificial brooding large number of baby chicks are reared in the absence of broody hen both in small scale & commercial rearing system. Equipment used for brooding are called b called brooders.

brooding hoover chicks
Brooder/Hoover for chicken

What is Brooder guard ?

he Brooder Guard is a 18″ high corrugated board. Used as a fence for starting chicks. Keeps draft down. 25′ length makes 8′ circle.

chicks guard for  day old chicks
Brooder guard for chicken

What is chicken drinkers?

Substance by which water supplies to chicken.

Types of Drinkers

There are common types of drinkers used in open shed systems are given below

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