Spleen At Disease Conditions In Poultry

Diagnosing diseases in poultry Spleen

The spleen is the major organ of poultry and acts as a lymphoid organ as well as identifying diseases lesion by performing post-mortem finding without lab diagnosis. But, it requires higher sophisticated skill to the diagnosis of poultry disease lesion.

Newcastle/Ranikhet Disease:

White necrotic foci at wide-area are seen at VvNDV where mortality reached 60% in Newcastle disease.

Avian Gout

Spleen at gout in laying birds

Avian Gout is the metabolic disease of poultry since it is an increased level of uric acid in the blood hence, spleen became devoid red-color with whitish appearance.

Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH)

IBH in poultry

Spleen became Smaller, highly congested, grayish necrotic foci at IBH in poultry

Spleen IBH in chicken

Grayish white necrotic foci visible at IBH in poultry

Fowl Typhoid

Blackish spleen in typhoid

Spleen became severe blackish in color & white millinery necrotic foci are seen on the primary stage of fowl typhoid in poultry

In chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD)

Spleen in chronic respiratory disease

Slight swelling but color not changed yet due to active blood circulation in the spleen

Mareks Disease:

Mareks disease is considering as a tumor-forming disease in poultry. Since it is causing tumor all internal organs in poultry, the spleen also the site of infection, and splenic cells replaced by tumor cell that is why spleen became an increase in size at fivefold from its normals shape.

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