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Organic Egg Producing Chicken breed is very rare on the basis of egg-producing concepts. But, some breeds are special monsters where the organic egg is produced due to they have approved organic feed and certified authority. Starting an organic Egg producing chicken farm is one of the most lucrative and profitable livestock poultry business.

Some local scratch breed resistance to coccidiosis in the village level compared to commercial hybrid strain.

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Egg Type Organic Chicken Breed

In, organic chicken farming, nothing is a waste, everything is profit. One of the ways a poultry farmer makes a profit from is poultry farm is by selling the eggs produced by the chicken. We are going to look at the best organic egg monster chicken breeds that produce a lot of eggs.

1. Plymouth Rock Chicken breed:

Plymouth Rock breed is a very good breed for a first-time chicken keeper who is actually looking for hens that lay eggs fast. This particular breed can lay up to 200 eggs in a year. The Plymouth Rock Chicken breed eggs are medium in size and they are light brown in color.

2. Marans Chicken breed

Marans Chicken breed is also for dual purposes. This breed can lay up to 200 eggs in a year. Their eggs are medium in size and also dark brown in color.

3. Hamburg Chicken breed:

 Hamburg Chicken breed is native to Germany. The Hamburg Chicken breed is among the most attractive breeds. This breed can lay up to 200-250 eggs per year. The Hamburg Chicken breed eggs are medium in size.

4. Barnevelder Chicken breed:

This unique type of breed is originated from the mixture between the Dutch Landrace and Asian jungle fowl by the cross. The Barnevelder chicken breed is a native to Holland. This breed can lay up to 200 eggs per year, and their eggs are medium in size.

5. Ancona Chicken breed:

It is originated in Italy. The Ancona Chicken breed can lay up to 200 eggs per year. This breed eggs are small in size and white in color.

6. Rhode Island Red Chicken breed:

 Rhode Island Red breed originated in America. This breed is for the dual purpose which means it can be raised for either meat or eggs. This breed can lay up to 250 eggs in a year.

7. Leghorn Chicken breed:

 The Leghorn chicken breed has a full white body and a large thick red comb. This particular breed can lay up to 250 eggs per year. The Leghorn Chicken breed eggs are white in color and they are medium in size.

8. Sussex Chicken breed:

Sussex Chicken is also for the dual purpose which means they can be rear for either eggs or meat. This breed can lay up to 250 eggs a year. The eggs of this breed vary from brown to creamy white color.

9. Chantecler

This breed was developed in the Canadian Province of Quebec and has an interesting history as a dual-purpose breed (Cole, 1922). the breed is noted for being an excellent layer of brown eggs and has a fleshy breast. This breed can lay up to 200-220 eggs in a year.

10. Favorelle

This is a white-skinned chicken that was initially developed in France as a dual-purpose breed. It has excellent laying qualities and its performance does not change much with the different seasons. Favorelles are hardy and active and adapt easily to free-range systems.

Ramzan, DVM, Poultry Veterinarian

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