Coccidiosis in poultry

Toltrazuril in poultry

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Toltrazuril  is a synthetic  broad spectrum anticoccidial & antiproptozoal  properties under the class of Triazinenitrione derivatives used for coccidiosis in poultry. Totrazuril is a water soluble drugs that used in poultry & others species. Sometimes which dilution may precipeted dilution which more concentrated the 1:1000 (1 ml toltrazuril 2.5% to 1ml drinking water) may result in precipitation.

Mode of Action: Toltrazuril inhibite nuclear division & microchondril activity. Totrazuril damages the wall forming bodies of microgametes & causes severe vascuolisation by inflation of the endoplasmic reticulum in all intracellular development stages of Emeria spp.

Pharmacologic action: Toltrazuril coccidioccidal,potent &  active against developing first & second generation schizont & gametes of progenic Emeria spp in various birds like turkey, geese, ducks & others intracellurly & extracellularly.Toltrazuril exhibits long resudial acticity & may protect pultry from 2 weeks.

Indication: Toltrazuril used for control & treatment of coccidiosis in various species of poultry.Toltrazuril may be  medicated intermittently  instead of conventional continous medication in poultry.

Dosages: 7-100 mg/kg may well tolerable in poultry. 7mg/kg given for 2 consecutive days enough to killed all stages of Emeria in poultry.

Absorption: Toltrazuril is slowly but entensively absorbed the intestine of poultry. Peak plasma concentration is attained within 120 hours. Totrazuril is absorbed 50% or more in poultry.

Metabolism: Toltrazuril is degraded in Toltrazuril sulfone which is persistant & mobile in groundwater.

Distribution: Toltrazuril is attained high concentration in liver, muscles & fats in poultry.

Plasma half life: 196 hours in poultry.

Resudial limit: 2mcg/ka ( acceptable daily intake) in poultry.

Withdrawl period: Meat & eggs 19 days in poultry.

Routes of excretion: Urine & faeces in poultry.

Toxicity & adverse effects: Toltrazuril is well tolareted in poultry

Contraindication: known to hypersensivity in poultry.

Precaution: Toltrazuril is not recommendation for the prevention of coccidiosis in broiler due to cause heavy weight loss. Do not use layer birds which reduced eggs production in poultry.

Drug inetereation: There is cross registance between Toltrazuril & diclazuril in poultry.

Formulation: There are two forms 2.5% & 5% are available in the markets which provide via drinking water in poultry.

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