Drugs for indigestion in poultry

Top 3 Remedies for Indigestion in Poultry

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Drugs for Indigestion in Poultry

Remedies related to indigestion in poultry are Calcium propionate, Probiotics, Halquinol, etc. These Remedies are used to cure indigestion in Poultry Poultry on the basis of toxicological origin. In other words, feed poisoning, or mycotoxins origin and non-specific indigestion.

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1.Calcium propionate

It is {CA (C2H5COO) formulated by neutralizing propionic add with calcium hydroxide.  It acts as a preservative, anti-microbial agent, and prevention of mold and fungus.

Mode Of Action

calcium propionate acts as a neutralizing chemical which exerts the action through the ionic channel and killing various types organism and toxin in the gut of poultry.

For Treating Common diseases

In poultry, calcium propionate is using for treating indigestion and watery diarrhea which is caused by the non-specific origin, toxicity from the feed, and rancidity.

Availability in Market

It is not available for single form in the market but combine with other ingredients also available in the Poultry market.

Dosages and Administration

Dose and administration according to pharmaceutical instruction. Normal dosages are 1 GM/liter effective in every case.

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2. Probiotics

The word probiotics are originated from ‘pro’ meaning promoting, ‘biotic meaning ‘life’. According to FAO, defines probiotics as a live micro-organism, when administered in adequate amount produce beneficial effects to the host when taken orally.

Common probiotics for poultry

The common Probiotics Which are using in Poultry for treating indigestion are lactobacillus acidophilus, L.brevis, L. Bulgaricus, bifidobacterium bifidum, bacillus subtilis etc.

Mode of action of probiotics

It does not elucidate clearly. It may exert the action by modification of gut flora, competitive adherence to the mucosa, and modulation of the immune system.

there are millions of beneficial bacteria normally inhabitant of the gut of poultry. these bacteria having a significant role in the digestion of feed properly. If it is imbalanced, indigestion is seen in the field.

For Treating Common diseases

The common diseases to treat by probiotics in Poultry are specific and nonspecific indigestion, watery diarrhea, helicobacteriosis, dysbacteriosis, necrotic enteritis, etc.

Dosages and Administration

The dosage of probiotics depends on accordingly to manufacture product level. probiotics are using through drinking water and feed.

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3. Halqinol

It is the strongest non-antibacterial, anti-fungal, and protozoal feed additives. It is also known as triple anti-diarrhoeal and indigestion preventing drugs that act against bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

Mode of action

The mode of action of Halquinol is slowing down of peristalsis movement of the gut of Poultry. Thereby indigestion easily cured by the Halquinol.

Availability in Market

It is available as a feed grade Poultry product and must be used through the feed. there is a various trading name which is available in the market.

Dosages and Administration

Dosages are followed by the manufacturer product level. generally, it is using as a feed according to manufacturer guidelines.

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