Treatment of Indigestion In Poultry

Treatment of indigestion In Poultry | Part 01

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Treatment of indigestion | Trachysermum ammi

Trachysermum Ammi has a different name in worldwide. The writer has just mentioned two popular names used in south Asia. First, It is called dhania in Bangladesh & Ajwain in India. But it is used in the treatment of indigestion in poultry.

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Trachelospermum ammi is commonly used to treat indigestion or digestive problems in poultry

It is an Indian spicy herb and used in Indian cruising.

Sometimes also practice in Indian household cooking.
The seed part is applicable to the treatment of indigestion in poultry.

It’s slightly green to brown color, having a pungent & bitter taste.

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Trachysermum Ammi has two types of pathogenesis for treating the indigestion of poultry. from a medical point of view. This will discuss now-

Modern Scientific point of view

Trachysermum Ammi used for the treatment of indigestion in chicken

Trachysermum Ammi contains thymol which acts as a carminative, which inhibits gas production on the intestine in poultry.

In addition, it helps to release gastric juices in the intestine of poultry, so that enhancing the process of digestion of poultry.

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Ayurvedic point of view

Trachysermum Ammi leafs used for treating indigestion in poultry

Trachysermum Ammi maintains indigestion by promoting digestive Agni ( which contains digestive enzymes & acids) due to its prolonged appetizer properties.

It also assists to digest food easily due to its digestive property.

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Commercial formulation

There is no single formulation found in the market, but combine formulation is available in the marketplace.

For the 100 gm powder with combine form, Trachysermum Ammi is available at 30 my every sachet.

For the best result, you can apply it through other coccidial drugs in every indigestion case.

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The use of Trachysermum Ammi to treat the indigestion of poultry dosages varies according to cases.

In the field 30 mg/liter drinking water is effective to treat indigestion in poultry.

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