Coccidiosis | Types Of Anticoccidial Drugs

Coccidiosis | Types Of Anticoccidial Drugs

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Occidiosis is a protozoal disease which caused by Emeria species under the family ofm apicomplexa that affects mainly intestinal tract of poultry. Blody diarrhea are common clinical signs of coccidiosis in poultry. There are seven active species generally caused disease in poultry.

Anticoccidial defined as an antiprotozoal agents used for the prevention & control of coccidiosis are called Anticoccidial.these drugs either be Coccidiostat or Coccidiocidal agents. The term anticoccidial agent is to be preferred to describe all drugs with activity against coccidia.. Salinomycin, maduramycin, lasalocid, Clopidol, narasin etc.

Types Of Anticoccidial Drugs

Numerous anticoccidial drugs have been approved for coccidiosis since 1948. It can be into classified three types according to their origin are given below

1. Synthetic drugs

It is  define as a compound produced in labrotory rather than natural ingredients or product synthesis from chemicals. So it’s often referred as chemicals. Its have a active mode of action against coccidial spp.








Dinitolmide ( zoaline)


Dequinate (methyl benzoquate)


2. Polyether antibiotics or ionophores

Its define as natural & biologically  active compound/ substances produced by fermentation of streptomyces or actinomadura. Its destroy Emeria spp by inferring balance od most important ion specially sodium & potassium.

Classified as two classes

a) Monovalent ionophores

Its define as Ionophoes that have valency one called Monovalent ionophores. eg monensin, narasin and salinomycin & Monovalent glycosidic ionophores (maduramicin and semduramycin).

b) Divalent ionophores 

Its define as Ionophoes that have valency two called Divalent ionophores eg lasalocid

3. Mixed Anticoccidial Drugs

Its define as a mixer of two or more anticoccidials drugs either synthetic & chemical origin.Eg Narasin+Nicarbazine etc

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