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water requirement for broiler

Water Requirement For Broiler Chicken

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Water Requirement for Broiler

Water is an important factor for Broiler chicken. As a faster growth within a short time, the water requirement for Broiler chicken is very crucial. The general function of water in broiler and other living organisms is transported Oxygen, nutrients, drugs vaccines, and other physiologic activities to maintain proper health conditions.

Standard water Requirement

A broiler will drink approx. 2 liters of water for every kilogram of feed consumed. This means that it takes around 3. 5 liters of water for every kilogram of bird grown, that is if an average lifetime feed conversion of 1. 75 is assumed. When broilers are heat stressed, they increase the consumption of water in an effort to cool down.

water requirement for broiler chicken (collected)

Water quality

Water must be free from infectious pathogens (such as virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, etc), heavy metals ( Na, K, iron, P, CA, etc), soil, urine, fecal material, etc. water deprivation may lead to coccidiosis.

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Maintaining Water quality

Following steps must be conducted to ensure standard water quality, hygienic, pathogen-free, dust, and other particles:

Washing drinkers

Wash and disinfect chick drinkers daily. Use a reliable water sanitizer like chlorine to control disease-causing organisms in the water. Ensure the drinkers are filled with fresh water after washing and never allow the drinkers to go dry.

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Water distribution

Distribute drinkers evenly throughout the whole house, alternating them with the feeders so that they are easily accessible to all birds. The furthest distance to the next waterer or drinker should be 1.5 meters. Provide one chick fount for 75 chicks during the first week and gradually replace them with the regular drinkers. Always adjust the drinkers and feeders levels as the birds grow to ensure that the equipment is always slightly above the level of the birds’ backs to minimize spillage.

Timing of water

It is good practice to supply water at a proper time which depends on session to season.
In summer, The frequency of water supplying with time must be increased due to hot weather conditions. Normally, birds prefer to consume water at room temperature. If the temperature increase, bird will refuse to take water frequently which is causing digestive tract disturbances.

In winter, trying to provide lukewarm water with normal water for better consumption.

It is better to provide the water thrice daily and 5-6 times in the summer season.

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Water Requirement For Broiler Chicken
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